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Yatra Capital
Corpus : € 220 mn
Vintage : 2006
Focus : Real Estate
Status : Fully Invested
Number of Investments * : 15
No. of Divestments : 1
* Includes commitments

Yatra Capital is the first and only Euronext, Amsterdam listed Company with a strategy to make real estate investments in India.

Listed on 6 December 2006, Yatra has committed €160.78 million of the net funds in 15 investments out of which 13 are project level investments with over 15.9 million square feet development potential, across nine cities and five sectors. Yatra has targeted high quality real estate investments in India with strong fundamentals and potential for value creation. Investments are diversified not only on the basis of asset class and geography, but also on the basis of timing of Yatra's entry, type of city (Tier I, II & III) and risk / return profile.

The Fund has attracted blue chip, long term institutional investors as well specialized property investors out of Europe and US