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Saffron India Real Estate Fund I
Corpus : US$ 103.5 mn
Vintage : 2008
Focus : Real Estate
Status : Invested
Number of Investments * : 3
No. of Divestments : -
* Includes commitments

The Fund had raised USD 103.5 million during difficult capital raising conditions during 2008. The Fund will primarily invest in high-growth real estate assets across India. The Fund seeks to provide its investors with a return in excess of 20% IRR and will invest primarily in office, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed-use properties that will attract quality customers/ end users.

The fund has made 3 investments, The first one being a residential development in the city of Hyderabad in an secondary purchase from a large multinational fund facing distress during the financial crisis at a significant discount to the original investment value. The second & third investments are made in the Central Mumbai Suburbs in two residential projects with leading developers in the city. 

The Fund has high quality, long term institutional investors with a understanding of real estate as an asset class. The investors are based out of Continental Europe and Scandinavian countries.